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When will the first robot come to faith? This morning, I was enjoying a wonderful morning with my wife at Mälaren. Sitting there I read the Summer issue of “de nieuwe Koers” a Christian magazine from Holland that is released eight times a year. The article that caught my attention was: Will in the year 2043, the first robot come to faith?” An interesting thought. Later today I found an article in...

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Faces in the shadows of life Distorted as if looking through broken glass Images of times long due The trafficking of drugs, alcohol, goods, resources and humans rises and accelerates as capitalistic greed moves from hidden centers of power unto the streets and arenas of our world Young African soccer geniuses roam the streets of the cities of Italy as their abilities fall short of demands,...

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Half Way through the Tour - Check out great music from... Friends! We are overwhelmed by the response of people on the Harvest Field Tour… (search on Facebook for more information). To speak about the spiritual situation in Sweden and to awaken awareness about it is one of the major objectives of the tour… Our desire is to build partnerships with individuals, churches and organizations to further the cause of church planting...

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Why I don’t (yet) believe in the restoration of Ted... I have been following the Haggard story from the very beginning of his ministry and I really appreciated his book “The life giving church” – I still like the book. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it out, independent of their circumstances. I posted articles on my former blog and wrote about Ted and the scandal that was unfolding as he was "caught" in contact...

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Now regular updates on church planting, stockholm,... Follow us (and me) on this blog and follow our trip throughout USA by subscribing to this blog! Download now or watch on posterous IMG_0086.MOV (4507 KB) Skickat från min iPhone

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Soccer’s lost boys the new slaves of today!

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While the whole world’s attention is focused on South Africa’s 2010 World Cup in soccer where Africa’s own stars like Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba are brightly shining, it is easy to ignore what is happening in the shadows of this great organizational global happening. (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here)

I have come across a film from Mariana van Zeller who explores the dark side of this tremendous popular sport and which is called “the new slave trade”. Shocking realities of life under horrendous circumstances mixed with cruel facts and the lure of so called hope and deception make this story more relevant and urgent then all economic negotiations going on at the G 20 meeting in Toronto Canada because it involves literally the lives of thousands of young boys!

soccer\’s lost boys

The schemes are played at all levels, from the slums and dirt fields in our world, through deceptive, unlicensed agents promising gold at the end of the rainbow, right into the exclusive offices of exclusive European clubs… We have allowed soccer, this wonderful leisure time hobby and sport, to develop into an idol which feeds on the sacrifice and idolatry of young boys who are willing to give it “their all” to somehow make it somewhere at any price; thus the new slave trade was born;  as boys sell themselves in prostitution, loosing their virtues and hope, trying under rigid and miserable circumstances to survive.

When will we ever learn that there are no short-cuts and when will we acknowledge the dignity of human life?!

That’s the Way I see it!